November 21, 2007

Balthazar, WA.

6, The Esplanade, Perth.
Ph: 9421 1279

It is a rarity finding a good restaurant in Perth these days, so it is comforting to know that there is now one other restaurant that I feel I could safely turn to should the occasion arise. The restaurant is on the small side, though it is dressed up quite smartly, with striking wallpapers in the dining area and bathrooms, and wine bottles everywhere the eye can see.

I'm not sure if the menu we were looking at was their usual menu, or their lunch menu, but it did seem rather limited. Perhaps 5 different entrees to choose from, and likewise with mains (meals seemed to average $20-30). This was definitely not the case when it came to the wine list, filled with page upon page of wines sourced from all over the world, though there seemed to be a particularly strong presence of French wines that were not very familiar to me.

The food arrived promptly, and presentation was A-grade. I ordered the Salmon, and my company the risotto. Both of us were very impressed. I was particularly impressed with my meal, as it was complete in every facet. The presentation was beautiful, the serving portion was perfect, the sauce was full of flavour, yet not overpowering, the skin of the salmon was perfect, as was the flesh (I have never seen such beautiful Salmon in my life, the colour and texture was fabulous). The skin had a very unique taste to it; I suspect they integrated some seaweed into it. The asparagus, everything - was cooked to perfection.

Service was not as good as what I had heard, though being lunch time, I suppose it is expected that service be a little more casual. There was nothing really to fault in that department, though one waiter seemed to be a little arrogant.

We finished off with tea and coffee. I thought the coffee was pretty good. Both came with a pot of white and brown sugar cubes, and extra milk on the side. The flat white was silky and creamy.

Billcart-Salmon 'Brut Reserve' NV ($81 for a half bottle).
Didn't take any notes for this one, though it was a real delight! Probably the best NV I have tried, in fact, I think I preferred this over the '98 Dom, and '97 La Grande Annee. The beads were very fine and consistent. Nose of pear, almond, and gentle yeast. The palate is full-bodied, dry, and savoury. Lovely! (Rating: 94 pts).

Food 4.75/5
Service 4.5/5
Decor 4.5/5
Bathroom 0.75/1 (small)
X-Factor 1.5/2
Value 1.5/2
Total 17.5/20


Edward said...


sounds like a good lunch. Only 1 half bottle. . .

You need to go back and drink several bottles, the service will seem perfect then :)


Phil said...

I thought it was a full bottle :(