October 12, 2007

7 Spices Restaurant, WA.

Went here tonight as part of a function, which we each paid $30 for.

I'm unsure if this is the ordinary price for the buffet; I believe it is. The buffet was very ordinary... I only had 1 helping. Their chicken dishes were not fillet, and had very little meat. The red meat dishes were likewise very ordinary, and were very spicy (but the kind of spice and flavour you would expect from a can of curry). VERY ordinary.

I have never taken much of a liking to Indian food, I was told this place was very good, but it was quite a disappointment! As are many eateries in Perth!

Several months ago I was introduced to Nine Mary's in the Perth CBD; and that somewhat changed my impression of Indian food (perhaps it is tailored to suit the Western palate more so, though a lot of Indian's eat there). Their butter chicken is lovely! The butter chicken at 7 Spices on the other hand was nothing special at all! But then again, was anything?!?!

The service was also quite annoying... very blur staff, with very blank faces, and when questioned; expect uncertain answers. Extremely uneducated when it comes to their restaurant (what time the buffet closes, "can I start a drink tab?", etc., are surely not too difficult questions to answer);

Food 2.25/5
Service 2/5 (well-meaning, but poorly trained)
Decor 2.5/5
Bathroom 0.25/1
X-Factor 0/2
Total 7/20

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