September 15, 2007

Wednesday Sept 5

Marius 'Simpatico' Shiraz 2004


Torzi Matthews 'Frost Dodger' Shiraz 2004

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Mike said...

Will type up scribbly notes later... but I will just say both were excellent wines, the Simpatico really catching my eye for $25.

Both were jammed packed with a vast array of flavours, the Torzi being noticably dense but with no awkwardness amongst the flavours.

I have rated both these wines at 94 points.
I would probably buy a 6-pack of the Simpatico and 3 of the Frost Dodger.

I found the Frost Dodger to be a wine that you would have to be "in the mood for" whereas with the Simpatico, its just great SA shiraz and will be even better after a couple more years in the bottle.