September 8, 2007

Riedel Madness

Riedel stemware, without a doubt, are the finest instruments for fine wine appreciation. They are also, at times, a real pain in the ass. They are incredibly fragile, and whenever an occasion warrants opening a set of Riedel's, it comes with a great deal of anxiety. First, you can't help but be concerned when your friend's have had a few drinks, and you start to hear your delicate, precious Riedel stemware being clashed into other objects. "Oooops!" - indeed. Then, the greatest of all tests is cleaning them, and trying not to break one.


Marcus said...

This looks like classic "clean and twist" breakage. I use mine as a candle snuffer now.

(When my friend broke a $80 Spiegelau by letting it drop on the floor, it broke but the bowl was totally without damage... so I'm going to suggest the same thing to him.)

Phil said...

Clean and twist breakage it was, indeed. It would be sad to see what is left of my glass being reduced to a candle snuffer! Though you definitely have a good sense of improvisation! I think my friend has something even more unconventional planned for it though.