September 24, 2007

Spot the Riedel

Can you spot the Riedel? That on the left is the Riedel ($50), and that on the right is a Wheel & Barrow ($12.50). In the shop it struck me as bearing a striking resemblance to the Riedel Bordeaux glass I have at home, but what surprised me even more was when I took them home and stood them next to each other - the dimensions are almost identical. The glass makes the same noise, the lip is just as thin, the only difference is a slightly thicker stem, which is probably a good thing anyway. Well these new glasses shall be put into action on Wednesday, and I shall post my opinions about them.


Mike said...

well its quite obvious the chairs are riedel, as the ergonomic curvature allows the position of your back to hunch over and stick your nose into the glass, allowing the full intensity of the bouquet to entertain your olfactory senses.

Phil said...

Well the glasses seem to be "fine", I don't know if I'm just playing them down purely because they aren't Riedel, but they seem to be perfectly functional. Perhaps not 'quite' as thin and transparent as the Riedel, but certaintly adequate. But what I like most about the Riedel's are their weight and balance, everything about it feels a lot more delicate/elegant, and this is definitely proven come washing up. The W&B's are much easier to clean. Though the shape is exactly the same, the Riedel seems to intensify the bouquet of the wine.

Joe said...

Interesting, I have never really compared wine glasses head to head before. Riedel hosted a tasting here last week, but I was out of town. Great post, and thanks for the link.