September 30, 2007

The Brass Grill, Northbridge, WA

The Brass Grill is situated on the top floor of the The Brass Monkey Hotel in Northbridge. The above dish is their 'Bay & Beef' which comprises of "250g of Sirloin Tender Ridge Sirloin, seafood brochette loaded with prawns & scallops, and hand-cut Western Potato Monkey's Chunkies" - $34.90.

This was my second visit, and I'm not too sure how to feel about the place - negatively, I think! On my first visit the food was quite good, but the service was atrocious - not much has changed.

Our food took 1.5 hours to arrive (quite some time after we were assured that the food was well on its way). After squeezing a few balls we ended up getting a few complementary rounds of beer, which managed to calm us down for a little while, but this could only relieve us for so long. When offered another round, we asked what else they had, they gave us 2 shots of Hennessy XO.. which lifted our moods a little, and made us dislike them a little less.

When our food finally arrived.... my dish turned out to be quite satisfactory; nice large scallops, soggy wedges (which I seemed to enjoy), and steak that was ordinary but with sauce that did it justice. My company, however, did not enjoy their '450g Tender Ridge Aged Beef Rib' ($36.90) much at all, I am told it lacked flavour. On a whole, the place was very disappointing, and on both occasions it has been nearly impossible to look past their awfully poor level of service.

Food 3/5
Service 0.5/5
Decor 2.5/5
Bathroom 0.5/2
X-Factor 0/3
Total: 6.5/20

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